About ADAK

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ADAK property agents recognise the importance of building a brand around each property we represent. We take considerable time to develop a thorough understanding of the property and the potential buyer market and are dedicated to providing comprehensive real estate solutions. We then develop an integrated marketing strategy that usually incorporates editorials in key media combined with an on-line and off-line advertising campaign. We provide an updated reporting system to vendors with regular feedback about the success of the campaign.

At ADAK, we listen closely to your requirements and assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding leasing, purchasing, sales as well as a whole host of other related services. Our main focus is providing exceptional service with great attention to detail.

Beyond traditional real estate services, we offer a wide array of other professional services such as:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Property Valuation
  • Construction Cost Management
  • Refurbishment Services
  • Project Management
  • Market Research
  • Financing Services and
  • Property Sourcing

We know that discretion is imperative to our clients and we take the utmost care to protect your privacy. Naturally, we keep your identity and information confidential, but beyond that, we also provide services such as arranging for private and chauffeured transportation to our properties, where our clientele are treated to private and undisclosed viewings.

At ADAK, we strive to become the premier agents in our field, always looking to find better ways to achieve our clients' goals. We regularly review our systems and processes, with the view of improving our service to our clients. We use qualified legal professionals to ensure the legality of all transactions.

Our focus is selling and managing residential and commercial property. We have a range of complementary services to make it easier for you to do business. We want the process of buying and selling to be a seamless experience for you, using technology to achieve maximum results and excellent customer service.

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